Telematics and Intelligent Roller Systems


Managed centrally and can be shared with our customers, with reporting that includes, Fuel usage, idle time, hours used and Utilisation of machines.

This allows customers to have full visibility of performance and helps drive efficient working.

Telematics Map View Clee Hill
Telematics From Clee Hill

Intelligent Roller systems – Asphalt

Clee Hill Plant has been at the forefront of introducing intelligent roller systems in the UK. The system’s we offer support roller drivers when compacting by measuring the asphalt temperature, as they roll, and monitoring the number of passes over the pavement. This helps prevent under and over compaction.

The system can also use GPS data, from one or more machines, to enable the location to be stored electronically together with the asphalt temperature and number of passes for future reference.

The system is easily fitted to rollers providing a level of efficiency and functionality that transforms the productivity and assurance of the compaction process in critical applications.

Intelligent Roller Compaction Asphalt
Intelligent Roller Compaction Asphalt From Clee Hill

Intelligent Roller systems – Earthworks

Clee Hill Plant offer various Sytems including the manufacturers own system and our latest purchases of large rollers all have a portal that enables the customer to decide which system they wish to use on a ‘plug and play’ basis.

The operator can view compaction progress, pass counts with optional display and recording of the compacted soil stiffness on an easy-to-use colour display through a tablet.

Cleehill Earthworks
Earthworks Cleehill 2
Earthworks Telematics From Cleehill


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