Our Corporate & Social Responsibilities Policy

Clee Hill is one of the UK’s leading plant and equipment hire companies and the largest compaction and surface dressing hire company in the UK.

Our activities have an impact on the environment, our employees, the communities in which we operate and our Customers and Suppliers. We are committed to minimise that impact by adopting our sustainable business aims responsibly. This means we must remain profitable and competitive whilst conducting our activities ethically, professionally and with due regard to the environment, health & safety, social considerations and the needs of those affected by our activities. We take full account of our corporate and social responsibilities in our strategic decision making both short and long term, and in all aspects of those responsibilities we collaborate with our Employees, Customers and Suppliers and are open minded in our communications with those who are affected by our operations. This statement provides the basis for managing our corporate and social responsibilities to which all our Policies and Procedures are aligned.


Human Rights

We are dedicated to the adoption of internationally recognised Human Rights Standards in all our activities and all our company policies are consistent with them. We uphold human rights by our “Commitment to Service” and “Core Values” which form the basis of Clee Hill’s culture of high ethical and corporate social responsibility and respect, care and consideration for all the Stakeholders referred to in our “Mission Statement”.


Our Ethics

Clee Hill is committed to the following Ethical Principles on all communications and actions: –

  • Integrity
  • Keeping promises
  • Fairness
  • Respect for others
  • Law Abiding
  • Excellence

All employees are required to comply with these principles in carrying out their duties and accept personal responsibility and accountability for the ethical quality of their work.

We aim to always conduct our business and relationships to high ethical standards, professionally and in compliance with all the relevant laws and regulations. This protects Clee Hill’s reputation and brand Image with our Customers, Suppliers, Contractors, Employees and other Stakeholders who may be affected by our activities.

To support our Ethical Principals, we have “Disclosures in the Public Interest” policy and procedures to encourage and protect employees who raise legitimate concerns about potentially unethical and illegal conduct. To support and encourage our relationships with Customers and Suppliers we have “Anti-Bribery”, “Gifts from Clients / Suppliers”, “Corporate Hospitality” and “Competition Law Compliance” policies and procedures which reinforce our culture of behaving honestly, fairly and with integrity at all times.

The Company has zero tolerance to Bribery, Fraud, Dishonesty, Illegal Activity and any behaviour which damages its reputation amongst its Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Public At Large. The Company complies with the regulations under the Fraud Act 2006, The Defamation Act 2013 (Slander & Libel) and the Design & Patents Act 1988 (Infringement of Copyright Laws), and The Criminal Finance Act 2017.


Our People

We believe that people are our most valuable asset, and we will promote the development of their capabilities in an environment of fairness, diversity and equality. Through our management practices, policies and procedures we will secure their motivation and commitment to use their skills and knowledge to achieve their individual, team and company objectives.

We will strive for excellence in the management and development of our people through our commitment to the Investors in People Standards and the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) fundamental concepts of Succeeding Through the Talent of People.

This means that: –

  • People plans support our business strategy and are effectively managed
  • People’s knowledge and capabilities are identified, developed and sustained
  • Personal and team objectives are aligned, and people are involved and empowered to realise their full potential
  • People communicate effectively throughout the organisation
  • People are rewarded, recognised and cared for.


Health, Safety & Environment

Guided by ISO 45001: 2018, ISO 14001:2015 and FORS we are committed to improving standards of occupational Health and Safety and Environmental management for all employees and those affected by our work including members of the public.

We will take all reasonable steps to conduct our operations in such a way as to minimise negative environmental impact including recycling waste mitigation and the reduction of carbon footprint in relation to energy, transport and water usage.


Equality Opportunities & Dignity at Work

Clee Hill is an equal opportunity employer and is fully committed to a policy of treating all of its employees and job applicants equally. The Company will avoid unlawful discrimination in all aspects of employment including recruitment and selection, promotion, transfer, opportunities for training, pay and benefits, other terms of employment, discipline and selection for redundancy and dismissal. The Company will take all reasonable steps to employ, train and promote employees on the basis of their experience, abilities and qualification and to provide a work environment on which all employees are treated with respect and dignity that is free from harassment and bullying. The company will not tolerate any form of harassment whether engaged in by employees or by outside parties who do business with the company such as customers, contractors and suppliers.

It is the Company’s policy that there should be no discrimination against or harassment of any employee or job applicant either directly or indirectly on the grounds of:-

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment (sex change)
  • Marriage and Civil Partnership
  • Pregnancy and Maternity
  • Race
  • Colour
  • Nationality and Ethnic or National Origins
  • Religion or Belief
  • Sex or Sexual Orientation
  • Trade Union Membership or activity.


Our Customers

We are “Committed to Service” in everything we do. Our Quality Management Systems are assessed to the ISO 9001-2015 standards and designed and operated so that our Customers (Internal & External) can be confident in the reliability and delivery on time of our plant and services and our responsiveness to their needs, safely and with due regard to the environment. We will work with and support them in meeting their requirements for total satisfaction in the goods and services we provide and support them in meeting their own corporate and social responsibilities.


Our Suppliers

In line with the requirements of our major customers, sustainability is a core theme in our Procurement Policy.  We therefore expect our suppliers to be corporately & socially responsible and work to policies and values which are compatible with ours and are mirrored in their own procurement policies & practices.

We will support local suppliers of goods & services whenever possible.


Our Communities

We are committed to ensure that our operational and transport activities cause minimum disruption to our neighbours and the public at large and aim to secure long term employment opportunities and Apprenticeships in all our locations.



We will constantly explore and adopt new technologies and methods which contribute towards the sustainability and efficiency of our business and the environment in which it operates.