Safety Systems and Vandal Protection

Tracker Systems

Nexis Tracker AT5 Telematic

The Asset Track unit is a self-contained GSP/GSM/RF tracking device reporting to and visible via the AMI Nexis software platform. The unit is perfectly suited for tracking any type of asset powered or non-powered.

Smart Brake

Smart Brake Safety System

Smart Brake has undergone continuous improvement to remain at the forefront of short range radar and digital control system development. The current radar uses multiple, carefully designed beams to create detection patterns ideally suited to each application with zones for two stages of warning and a closer zone triggering automatic braking

Blue Light Zones

Blue Light Zones Safety Zones

Fitment of high-powered LED blue lights highlighting safety zones to fellow operatives.

Radar system – rear

Radar System Rear Safety Zones

A cost-effective audible warning rear radar system for both on highway and off highway vehicles.

Radar system – front & rear

Radar System Front Rear Safety Zones

Rugged and durable radar modules can be fitted to the rear and front of plant machinery to aid the operator in obstacle detection.

360° Camera’s with monitor

360° Camera With Monitor

giving full 360-degree visibility around the machine showing the working safety zone on a true birds eye view image.

360° Camera’s with monitor & Digital Video Recording system

360°Camera With Monitor & Digital Video Recording System

Record the operation of the machine and its safety zone with a 1Terrabite digital image recorder. This high-definition recorder give a full audit trail of incidents and can be used as a health and safety training tool.

4-way cameras with split monitor

4 Way Cameras With Split Monitor

Four HD cameras give great wide-angle images to a clear screen monitor, system can be tailored to be single, twin, tri or quad image view.

4 Way cameras with split monitor & recording system

4 Way Camera With Split Monitor Recording System

Capture the four HD cameras wide angle images to a 1Terrabite digital recording unit. Machine information can be received on a standard laptop through the GSM network (data charged would apply) or down loaded to USB.

Reversing camera with monitor

Reversing Camera With Monitor

HD camera giving crystal clear image to operator cab monitor, system can be set up to be active on ignition or switched on when reverse is selected.

Forward Facing camera with monitor

Forward Facing Camera With Monitor

Using the same quality HD camera, clear images are transmitted through an antiglare screen monitor. Camera are IP69 rated and tested to 10G vibration ratings

Cab Guards

Cab Guards

Highly robust and impact resistant plastic gives antivandal protection to the cab. The panels are light and easy to fit and come with a metal storage basket.


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