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The Company has made considerable progress during its 50 year journey. Established in 1965, near Ludlow in Shropshire, Clee Hill Plant started out life as a transport business hauling crushed stone from local quarries to motorway construction sites. This soon led to a decision by the owner to diversify into the hire of plant surfacing and compaction equipment. By 1989 the company turnover had grown to £2m with 30 employees. For the first half of its life Clee Hill Plant was privately owned by aptly named Plant family but in 1989 it was acquired by NSM plc, a large industrial group whose core business was mining and the extraction of coal and other minerals. Under NSM management the company opened new depots in Chesterfield (1991) and Darlington (1992) and by 1997 its turnover had grown to £4m with 58 employees.

However, Clee Hill’s management believed they could take the business forward more effectively if they could act independently of the NSM Group and this led to a management buyout in May 1997.

This proved a wise move and since then the company has grown and prospered. New depots were opened in Glasgow (1998 relocated in 2012), Dartford (2000), Stoke (2004), Corby (2011), Andover (2011) and Newton Abbot in 2017.

By adopting the ethos of being ‘Committed To Service In Everything We Do’ and focussing on meeting our customers’ expectations the business has grown its customer base and the breadth of its services. The Clee Hill Hire fleet has grown out of all recognition, from the early days, and now comprises of over 2,000 units from leading manufacturers using technology and operating with low noise, low emissions and sophisticated systems that would have been unimaginable back in 1965 or even 1997.

In 2019 the Company achieved a record turnover of over £18m thanks to the efforts, commitment and high levels of competency of all its employees which are now approaching 200 in number.



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Clee Hill Plant Limited
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