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Insurance Cover

Clee Hill Plant can provide an innovative insurance policy that covers loss of, or damage to the plant you hire from us.

Any piece of Clee Hill equipment can be hired with ‘Waiver’ using the scheme, negating the need for your own insurance cover. The policy is easy to administer and good value.

We offer the policy in conjunction with Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Broking, an expert in the field of plant insurance.

Ask your local depot for more details of this useful and cost effective scheme.


Tracking systems

Tracking systems are increasingly being used in construction equipment to manage fleets, plan maintenance and to enhance safety and security.

Clee Hill Plant offers a system which incorporates accurate GPS tracking, as an option on all hire plant. This enables hirers to check usage and location of machines remotely from any Internet enabled device.
‘Geo-fence’ and ‘time-fence’ warnings can be set which ensures that the machine you hire will not be used ‘off-site’ or ‘out-of-hours’ enhancing site safety and security.

Intelligent Roller Systems

Clee Hill Plant has been at the forefront of introducing intelligent roller systems in the UK. The system we offer supports roller drivers when compacting by measuring the asphalt temperature, as they roll, and monitoring the number of passes over the pavement. This helps prevent under and over compaction.

The system can also use GPS data, from one or more machines, to enable the location to be stored electronically together with the asphalt temperature and number of passes for future reference.
The system is easily fitted to rollers providing a level of efficiency and functionality that transforms the productivity and assurance of the compaction process in critical applications.





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