Corporate and Social Responsibilities


Clee Hill Plant’s Directors take their corporate and social responsibilities seriously and the board of Directors has developed, implemented and communicated a range of policies and procedures that ensure all legal, health, safety and environmental requirements and social responsibilities are met by all employees at all times.

Corporate and Social Responsibility-extract

Clee Hill is one of the UK’s leading plant and equipment hire companies and the largest compaction and surface dressing hire company in the UK.

Our activities have an impact on the environment, our employees, the communities in which we operate our customers and suppliers. We are committed to minimise that impact by adopting our sustainable business aims responsibly. This means we must remain profitable and competitive whilst conducting our activities ethically, professionally and with due regard to the environment, health & safety, social considerations and the needs of those affected by our activities. We take full account of our corporate and social responsibilities in our strategic decision making both short and long term, and in all aspects of those responsibilities we collaborate with our employees, customers and suppliers and are open minded in dialogue with those who are affected by our operations. This statement provides the basis for managing our corporate and social responsibilities and the core theme for our policies and procedures relating thereto.

PDF - CSR Policy in full

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Clee Hill Plant Ltd is committed to protecting the health, safety and environment of our employees and the communities in which we operate. We recognise that by integrating sound health, safety and environment management practices into all aspects of our business we can provide our services safely while protecting the natural resources for future generations. Clee Hill Plant Ltd is committed to continually improve its health, safety and environmental management systems to provide a safe working environment and reduce environmental impact.
Our guiding principles are to:

  • Meet or exceed all applicable health, safety and environmental requirements.
  • We will evaluate our health, safety and environmental performance by monitoring results and through periodic management reviews
  • Communicate our health, safety and environmental policies and programs to employees and stakeholders
  • Encourage employee participation in health, safety and environmental matters through consultation and co-operation
  • Advocate the adoption of health, safety and environmental principles and practices by our contractors and suppliers
  • Provide adequate resources to enable a safe working environment for all employees and contractors consistent with regulatory requirements and best management practices.
  • Ensure that employees accept their responsibilities and adhere to them in order for the company to fulfil its health, safety and environmental commitments

Promote environmental sustainability by:

  • Reduction in use of raw materials where practicable
  • Re-use of resources and materials whenever possible
  • Recycling surplus materials associated with our business whenever possible. Materials that cannot be recycled will be disposed of in line with legislation and best management practices.
  • Maintain ISO 14001 - 2015 environment management system accreditation

PDF  - Health, Safety and Environmental Policy in full

HR Policy-extract

We believe that people are our most valuable asset and we will promote the development of their capabilities in an environment of fairness, diversity and equality. Through our management practices, policies and procedures we will secure their motivation and commitment to use their skills and knowledge to achieve their individual, team and company objectives.

PDF  -HR Policy in full

Quality Policy-extract

Clee Hill Plant Limited is committed to effective Quality Management at every level and has adopted a formal Quality Management System which provides the framework from which its objectives are achieved. Whereas the Quality Management System has been approved by BSI (British Standards Institution) and meets, in full, the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Standard the company is committed to the continual improvement of the system and the services provided.

PDF - Quality Policy in full

Procurement Policy

In-line with the requirements of our major customers, we are committed to sustainable procurement by selecting products and services which enhance operational efficiency, safety, realise cost reductions and minimise environmental impact. We therefore require our suppliers to be financially sound, socially and corporately responsible and ethical, fully committed to equality and diversity and the prevention of discrimination and adopt and work to robust health and safety and environmental principles and practices. We also expect our suppliers to work with us to develop and maintain a long term relationship built on fairness, honesty and integrity and provide an excellent service in relation to timely delivery, value for money, quality, responsiveness and continuous improvements. In order to achieve sustainable procurement, we expect our suppliers to have in place and work to policies and values which are compatible with ours and are mirrored in their own procurement policies and practices. We will support local suppliers wherever possible.

PDF - Procurement Policy in full


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